What If You Could Easily Create a Widget On Your WordPress Site to Advertise a Product?

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Hello, this is Adrienne Dupree from Leave The Corporate World Behind. I have a few information products that I have created and I wanted to create a widget on my WordPress site that I could use to promote them. I wanted a graphic with a few words that would go to the sales page when someone clicked the image. I experimented and finally figured out how to do it. The first issue I ran into was that the image I wanted to use had a background. I do not know Photoshop so I needed to find an alternative. I actually found a free alternative to remove backgrounds. I then needed t find a way to create layers for the different parts of the image. I was able to sue the same free software that I used to remove the background. Once the graphic was created, I uploaded to it my WordPress site making sure that when someone clicked in the image, it opened in a new window. I have done this a few times now and you can see examples on Leave The Corporate World Behind site. This training will teach you how to create widgets so you can advertise your products or affiliate products right on your own website.

Sidebar Widget Creation Myths

  • It is very difficult to create an image for your sidebar
  • You need to be a Professional Web Designer to create an image for your sidebar
  • Creating an image for your sidebar will take a lot of time
  • The tools you need to use to create your image for your sidebar are expensive

Sidebar Widget Video Training

This video training will show you step by step how to create your own image for your sidebar widget.  This video training was created so you can actually see all of the steps that are needed to create your image, install it on your WordPress site and link it to your product.  You can use the video as a reference when you actually create your own images.

"How To Create An Image For Your Sidebar Widget" Video Training

  • Step By Step Instructions

    You can watch videos where step by step instructions are provided

  • Can Advertise Products Immediately

    You can start marketing products immediately without waiting for someone else to set up your sidebar widget

  • Free Tools

    You can create your own image for your sidebar widget with free tools

  • Don't have to be a Tech or Graphics Guru

    You don't have to be a "techie"

  • Professional Looking SIdebar Widget

    People will see your sidebar widget and think that is was created by a Professional Web Designer

This Course Is Now Available For Only $10

We will be raising this price , but wanted to give you the opportunity to join now and start creating your sidebar widgets.


If our product does not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, just simply contact us within 30 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Get Awesome Bonuses

  • Checklist
  • Audio of Training
  • Individual Demonstration Videos to Reinforce Specific Steps
  • Free Webinar to Answer Questions

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Yes! I want to learn how to create an image for my sidebar widget so I can start marketing my products right away!

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How To Create A Sidebar Widget

P.S. Will doubt about how to create an sidebar widget to promote you products overwhelm you the next time you create a product? Will you be wondering how many more sales you could have made with a widget right on your website? It doesn't have to be that way! The "How To Create a Sidebar Widget" video training will make YOU a success. Order NOW!

Committed To Your Online Success,

Adrienne Dupree